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 Zentangle® House Parties

Heard about paint nights? Check out Zentangle House Parties

Zentangle® House Parties is a great way to explore your creativity and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Bring the FUN to your location. Host receives a gift.

  •   Host: provides the location and invites guests

  •   Cost: $40.00 per guest includes mini-kit and all supplies

  •   Minimum guests: Four participants

  •   Time:  2 to 2.5 hours

To book a Zentangle House Party contact Cindy or call 503-522-5192

 Zentangle® Events

Zentangle® Events are available for all ages from 7 to centurions. If your guest can wield a pen with ease they can learn to "tangle" at your next holiday, birthday, bachelorette, anniversary, bridal or baby shower, family reunion or any other celebration of life.

Other Events include; elementary to high-school classes, boy or girl scouts, art guilds, social/community clubs, retreats, professional development or corporate team building.

Contact Cindy to customize your upcoming event.

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