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What is Zentangle®?

  • Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. Zentangle is a fascinating art form that is fun and relaxing.

  • One stroke at a time, seemingly complex patterns come to life and combine to form beautiful mesmerizing abstract and nondirectional works of art, each as unique as the person who created it.

  • Zentangle is a creative journey where the outcome is never restricted by preconceived expectations.

Who Can Learn Zentangle®?

What are the Benefits of Zentangle®?

  • Zentangle increases focus, productivity and creativity

  • Reduces stress - free to relax and become absorbed in the creation of patterns

  • Provides artistic satisfaction along with a sense of personal well being

  • Portability - pocket-size kit can go anywhere

How do I learn Zentangle®?

Contact Cindy Lenig Cossu / Certified Zentangle Teacher               to schedule a House Party, Event, Retreat or check the schedule for upcoming studio classes.

  • Anyone ~ even if you are convinced that you are not “artistic”!  If you can  write your name, draw a line, or a circle you can create Zentangles! This is an activity that can be shared and enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

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